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When we begun in the 1970’s we only stocked a limited range of surfing products. Today Ocean And Earth is an international surfing brand that sells a wide range of surf products. One of our key products is our surfboard tail pads. Our passion for surfing has taken us on an amazing journey, highlighting passion is essential in the pursuit of success.

At Ocean And Earth we sell a diverse range of surfboard tail pads. We sell surfboard tail pads for shortboards, fishes, longboards, and tail pad accessories. Our surfboard tail pads come in a range of colours and lengths. Your surfboard tail pad is a chance to accessorise your surfboard! Pick a surfboard tail pad that helps to identify your look.

We employ the latest technologies to develop and create our surfboard tail pads. All of our surfboard tail pads are examined to ensure that our product quality standards are met. As surfers, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our surfboard tail pads! We believe that this consistent pursuit of perfection is what makes Ocean And Earth surfboard tail pads among the best in the world.

Your surfboard tail pad is an essential component of your surfboard. It gives you the much-needed grip to perform and perfect a wide variety of tricks! Trying to master your airs? How about workshopping the perfect cut back? Well Ocean And Earth’s surfboard tail pads will give you exactly what you need to help you in whatever your pursuit! All of our pads are lightweight, high impact, water resistant, and built for performance. We are committed to making surfboard tail pads that will help elevate your surfing. At Ocean And Earth we aim to sell only the best surfboard tail pads for all surfers and board types.