Are you scared? Nevamind…

The Nevamind deals with the dilemma of charging serious stacked sets and mutant slabs. This board is intended to increase your confidence levels in waves and conditions outside your comfort zone. 

Ryan ‘Hippo’ Hipwood guided Nev through the philosophy behind the Nevamind. The brief was relatively simple… “I want to get in early, take the drop and pull in, but not have too much rail-length. It’s essentially a step-up, without stepping up in length”.

Nev achieved this by making a combo hybrid board with say, 6’2” of actual length, BUT with the ‘effective rail’ of a 6’5” resulting from the wider nose and flatter entry rocker. This gets you in early while providing ample drive and hold off the bottom due to the narrow-ish rounded pintail and moderate tail rocker.

But, the Nevamind is not just for big wave tube hogs like Hippo. If you want to feel loose in the juice at your local or be ready to go on those surf expeditions abroad when the swell really fills in, then the Nevamind will complement your quiver perfectly.

“Step up and get in early for some serious juice” – Nev

 Best suited for Experienced users who want a big wave board