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關鍵滑梯協會 (TCSS) 於 2009 年在澳大利亞新南威爾士州中部海岸的一個沉睡的海濱村莊成立。

由幾位衝浪者和藝術家 Jim Mitchell 和 Sam Coombes 創立,創始人的願景是打造一個真實的、有創意的品牌,作為一個平台,慶祝衝浪文化中新興的另類運動:一個不是關於獲勝者的領獎台,而是更多關於深度參與的衝浪生活的簡單快樂。

TCSS 與來自世界各地的藝術家、攝影師、設計師、電影製作人、衝浪者合作,他們都擁有相似的前景靈感。TCSS 以其獨特的方法和注重細節的設計而自豪。該品牌連續兩年贏得最佳 Boardshort TCSS 服裝商品現在在世界上一些最受推崇的零售店中存貨。

The Critical Slide Society (TCSS) was founded in 2009 in a sleepy seaside village on the Central Coast of NSW Australia.

Launched by a couple of surfers and artists, Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes, the founders had the vision of an authentic, creative label as a platform that celebrates an emerging alternative movement within surf culture: one that’s less about the winner’s podium and more about the simple joy of a deeply engaged surfing life.

TCSS works with artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, surfers from across the globe, all of whom share a similar outlook inspiration. TCSS prides itself on its unique approach its detail orientated design. The brand won Best Boardshort two years running TCSS apparel goods are now stocked in some of the most respected retail stores around the world.