Bender Mini Gun xf rap

Our Bender Mini Gun (BMG-X) is a fantastic transition board that you might step up from The Bender-x or FX-2. It still has a fairly wide nose (same as Bender-x @ 13\"+) and same rocker and rail profile, but then it all changes down the back with a sweet little rounded pin and a few other adjustments in the tail and a 5 fin plug set-up so it can be ridden as a tri or quad or quad +1. With the same paddlepower and speed as the Bender-x but with the pintail this board allows you to surf bigger and hollow waves with great edge control, awesome in the barrel , lightning fast of the top and performs super tight arc cutties on that pin! Born out of the need to get into those heaving late ones at South Straddy but still super fun on the softer beachbreaks for tail throws and quick turns that you don\'t have to think too much about. Could just be the ultimate travelling board with it\'s wave range options. Wave size from 2 to 8 feet.


Tester's Comments

"I was fortunate enough to ride the Stuart at the peak of the swell when conditions were flawless, so I have some very fond memories. I rode it as a quad for premium, high-speed performance. The quad gave me additional speed to navigate through tubes, as well as the ability to set a line early to knife into them. It also provided far more stability over the foamball so I was able to motor faster and harder for longer periods of time. The strength components of the board (deck channels, stringerless carbon) gave me extra confidence to put the board in heavy situations. The Stuart also went amazingly well as a high performance shortboard. It had tonnes of drive and felt comfortable out on the face. The Stuart has a good mix between high performance and durability. It’s a step up board that’s actually a step down in dimensions. A great addition to the quiver for intermediate to advanced surfers who want something more durable for their pumping days at home or their annual surf trips away."

excerpt from: The 2016 Tracks Ride Guide - read the full article!




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